Reverse-engineering is affordable


We are experts at reverse engineering and offer a full non contact 3d laser scanning-digitizing service. When you need to re-create, copy, scale, change or reverse engineer free form 3 dimensional (3D) objects or molds for manufacturing.


One of the more common applications for rapid prototyping is functional testing. Customers want parts that can closely mimic and function just like the “real thing” and to assist in the evaluation of fit, form and mechanical performance.


A “Model” is a very common term used to describe what a customer is looking for when using rapid prototyping to produce a 3D objects for visual purposes, such as concept review and/or sales and marketing presentations. These 3D models are generally expected to be aesthetic and cosmetic in presentation, and usually require high-end post-processing and finishing. We use many materials for rapid prototyping which can be finished by detailing, painting, and applying various finishes, each requiring varying amounts of labor and materials to be applied. Most rapid prototyping users, however, really need prototypes that are robust enough for functional testing, rather than just having show models.


Our portable 3D capture system features multi-laser precision (.005') for modeling physical objects. Now it's practical to scan complex, organic shapes or hand-carved prototypes and bring your design intent directly into almost any Cad program and other 3D platforms. Features powerful state of the art software to Scan, Align, Polish, and Blend.  We Export to STL, OBJ, VRML, PLY, U3D and other formats.