You’ll achieve new levels of sophistication with your signage when you install an edge lit sign from Signs A Glow.


They are manufactured from microsphered acrylics with laser or router cut text, lines and logos, shapes are left to your imagination as there are no boundries. As the name Edgelit or Edge lit suggests, a white or coloured light source is fitted to the edge of the acrylic to create a stunning result like neon but far more intricate details can be achieved. Beautiful multi colored effects of light are achieved by using RGB lighting strips or LEDS, which can produce 16 million colors on the spectrum. 


Adhesive vinyl cut graphics can also be fitted to the background to fill in letters and shapes. The signs are available in a wide range of sizes to suit just about any decor.


Edge lit signs are widely used by businesses in the hospitality industry – including hotels, cafes, restaurants and night clubs, Many large corporations over the last few years have been insisting on low powered signage and lighting. LED offers a green alternative to outdated filament lighting sources. These businesses choose to use them because they want to make a big impression indoors or outdoor by day and night.


Our attention to detail ensures each and every edge lit sign we produce is manufactured to exacting standards. Logos and typefaces are always reproduced with exacting precision.


We can use your exsisting artwork or create new artwork using CAD software tools.



Acrylic is machined by CNC from the backside,

a strip of 65 degree LED's are applied  the edge of the acrylic

12 volts. The power consumption is 0.250mw and will last 8-10 years.